From Lions International:


Dear Lions Leaders,

As global concerns surrounding the Covid-19 virus (“Coronavirus”) expand and world governments take steps to minimize the spread of illness, many districts and multiple districts are inquiring about the obligations and the challenges in holding constitutionally-mandated conventions. LCI understands those concerns, and supports the efforts of districts and multiple districts to ensure the safety of our Lions

convention attendees and the community at large.  For districts and multiple districts in areas that are unaffected, and who are able to safely conduct normal business, we recommend that conventions be conducted as planned, but that you continue to monitor the situation in your respective districts.  For those Lions Districts (single, sub- and multiple) that are located in countries where government restrictions are limiting the ability of the district to conduct elections, or where public gatherings are being discouraged in order to protect the safety of citizens and minimize the potential spread of illness, please be advised that alternative methods for conducting the requisite elections, and conducting voting on any resolutions that are not able to be postponed, will be permissible if district conventions cannot be held in person.  Many of the provisions of your district’s constitution and by-laws must still be applied to conducting elections, including the following:

a. Issue an Official Call detailing the time, date and location of the convention

i. If not being held in person, the official call must indicate

1. the manner in which voting will be conducted,

2. when outstanding dues must be paid in order to be entitled to delegates,

3. when elections will end and ballots must be received (or postmarked if by mail) in order to be considered valid

ii. District must be able to provide evidence sufficiently demonstrating that all Lions Clubs in the district received the necessary information

b. Nominating Committee must be named

i. Candidates must submit their intention to contest for a respective office, and the nominating committee shall validate candidates as provided in the district’s constitution and by-laws

c. Credentials Committee must be established

i. Committee must verify club delegate credentials and ensure that only those clubs entitled to delegates are permitted to vote

ii. Committee must ensure that those clubs eligible for delegates receive formal ballots for voting purposes

d. Elections Committee

i. Committee is responsible for establishing the ballot format and other election materials, vote tabulation and resolving all questions concerning the validity of individual ballots

ii. Vote tabulation must be conducted in the presence of the full elections committee, including each candidate-appointed observer

We strongly recommend that all districts seek to comply strictly with the International Constitution and By-Laws and mandatory provisions of the Standard District Constitution and By-Laws in order to minimize the likelihood of an election complaint being filed.  However, please note that all actions taken in good faith by a respective district in an effort to ensure a free and fair election will be taken into consideration in the event a formal election complaint is filed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Legal Division at

Kindest regards,

David Kingsbury,  Senior Corporate Counsel


Dear Lion,

We regret to announce that the Lions Clubs International Convention, scheduled for 26-30 June 2020, will not be held as originally planned in the city of Singapore.

The Ministry of Health in Singapore just announced that all large-scale events through June 30 will be cancelled to further reduce the transmission of the coronavirus. The Lions Board of Directors received the notification today from Singapore, and this important topic will be discussed by the Board of Directors at or before the April Board meeting.

Earlier this month, I informed you that while we were optimistic we could hold the convention in Singapore, we were also assessing the feasibility of other host cities. For the past several weeks, the Executive Officers and the Convention Division Team have been exploring alternative options. Any changes surrounding the convention site and times are subject to Board approval, and will be shared with Lions as soon as available.

In the meantime, our Convention Team will be working diligently to assist you. Lions International will issue full refunds for all registration fees paid. At this time, we kindly ask that you do not contact LCI Registration to inquire about your registration, ticket or housing cancellations as we establish our cancellation details.

We are disappointed, but we will continue to move forward as a global organization, keeping the health and safety of our members in mind.


Dr. Jung-Yul Choi
International President

"To All Lions of District 33 Y.  Each year a new governor comes into office with a cabinet secretary treasurer by his/her side.  At times the position is separated into two positions: a cabinet secretary, CS, and a cabinet treasurer, CT.  Quite often both positions will be combined into one position, CST.  Discovering and asking someone to take on the position is an extremely important task.  None of the business of the district can take place without this unique position.  Therefore; considering the qualifications and skills of who will fill this position is paramount.  I know it's a little early, but I would like to try a different approach than going to person by person asking people I feel are qualified, to announcing the position to the district at large.  If all goes as planned and has been verified by the nominations committee, I will be District Governor beginning July 2021.  I will have the honor of following VDG Jack Walsh who will be governor beginning July 2020.

What I am proposing is to have anyone in the district who has a desire or interest in becoming my CS, CT or CST for one year, to tell me and we will set up a time to talk.  But before you run for the phone, email or text, there are a few requirements.


Number 1.  You must want to have fun!

Number 2.  You must be computer savvy and enjoy the nerdy details of being a secretary or a treasurer.  Being able to use a computer and actually enjoy it is probably my biggest need.  If you don't like computers, thank you, but do not apply.

Number 3.  You must be able to drive at night and be a good driver.

Number 4.  You must like people because you will be meeting loads of them.

Number 5.  You must be able to put up with me and my foibles.  I think I'm easy to get along with, but others may differ.  Ask around.


Attached you will find a file or general idea of what duties you'd have. has everything you need to know as well.  Well, there you have it.  I can't wait to hear from you!


Bev Prentice"